About Hotel Windows



Hotel Windows is an industry leader in providing cost-effective commercial windows and performing installations. After years of receiving request after request for window installations, our general contracting founders decided to meet this need in a new way. Hotel Windows was founded with a lean and efficient business model. While our competitors offer many different products and services, we offer only one. By focusing only on crafting windows and performing window installations, we have refined our process and developed significant cost-saving efficiencies, without compromising on quality. We then pass these savings along to our customers, making us one of the lowest-priced companies in the industry! We are the best at what we do, because this is all that we do!


We have three principles that guide our thinking. We refer to them as the three P’s. They are People, Product, and Process. Our three P’s are an important part of what makes us different. We have experienced and dedicated team members, we use the best materials to ensure our product is of the highest quality, and we have refined our process to maximize our productivity. With these three P’s, we are making waves in the commercial windows sector and will continue to do so.