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We believe quality work is the only work worth doing. The key to providing great quality is attention to detail. Beginning with the materials, we source only the most durable and well-made products. Our expert craftsmen will then thoroughly evaluate your needs and create an exceptional finished product. Finally, our installers will provide a seamless installation that will exceed your expectations every time.


Our products are tested and certified by the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association, the National Fenestration Rating Council and the Window & Door Manufacturers Association. 



We have three principles that guide our thinking. We refer to them as the three P’s. They are People, Product, and Process. Our three P’s are an important part of what makes us different.


We have experienced and dedicated team members, we use the best materials to ensure our product is of the highest quality, and we have refined our process to maximize our productivity. With these three P’s, we are making waves in the commercial windows sector and will continue to do so.                           





A Smart Solution

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing home, Hotel Windows has everything you need. We have experienced craftsmen who will design and create the perfect solution for your residential project.





A Focused Model


We will design, build, and deliver your custom windows for your next commercial project. We design and build windows better than anyone else. Simply select the materials you want and our skilled craftsmen will create your product to the highest standards.


Larger frames

A real Solution


From design to construction to installation, when it comes to windows, we do it all. Whether you need a traditional size or a customized build, our experts can meet any specifications. When it comes to windows, we do it better.

Our Quality Control Process

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Great people and a great product are both required for success in business and we have both. However, the process is what connects those two assets together. Just as great roads are essential to a strong economy, a great process is essential for a business to excel. Our 6-step Quality Control Process has enabled us to become one of the fastest growing businesses in the industry, by always satisfying our customers.


The Hotel Windows Quality Control Process:


  1. A precise evaluation of client needs and custom features.

  2. A detailed design process, for quick architect approval.

  3. In-house manufacturing, for speed and precision.

  4.  Quality control.

  5. Pre-shipment inspection.

  6. Onsite Handling.

With Quality People using a Quality Process to make a Quality Product, our customers always have a Quality Experience!


Windows: It's All Material



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World Class Service

Warren Buffet says the most important key to business success is to “Delight your customer.”

Our goal is to become the premier provider of hotel windows and installations.

In order to do that, we must acquire and retain customers for life. We have learned that happy customers will return, but delighted customers will return and refer their friends.

We strive to not only satisfy our customers but to absolutely delight them.

We have always gone above and beyond to exceed our customers’ expectations and we always will.

Comfort Suites Piedmont

Comfort Suites Piedmont



The wonderful people at Hotel Windows are consumers just like you. We understand how so many companies fail in customer service with poor follow-through and don’t manage their commitments well at all.


Follow through and great communication is the key to World-Class customer service.


Our promise to you in this construction business is to be open, anticipate your needs to the best of our ability, and to manage our commitments with passion and focus.


It’s who we are…



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